Life-Worthy Learning
  • Kristen S

    Our child is being taught both Christian values and the reality of the gifts of God and Life - the growth we see in our son attending Mount Zion is amazing!"

  • Lori M.

    You have made a profound impact to the heart and soul of my daughter Sarah in the time she has been there. While Mount Zion functions as a whole symbiotic entity, each person there contributing his or her best self, you are being singled out because of the joy, gravity, purpose and love with which you have touched my daughter. She has talked of lessons learned from her exposure to how you live your life.

  • Porter Spooner

    Last night we were invited to an awards banquet at UNH for an academic scholarship that our daughter received.  We did not know much about the award, but we knew she was invited to apply and had won the scholarship.  As we sat through the awards banquet and heard how prestigious and how few students receive it, we couldn't help but thank God for MZCS' role in her academics.  You have been part of educating her and pushing her to excellence. You have given her opportunities she never would have had at home or in public school.  You have been an important part of her receiving this scholarship and we thank you.  The scholarship alone makes the tuition we paid to MZCS money well spent.  So, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you and praise GOD for you at MZCS.

Equipping Students for God's Purpose
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Mount Zion Christian Schools offer quality Christian education in grades Pre-K to 12 in Manchester, New Hampshire. With relationships, academic excellence and high-end technology as hallmarks, Mount Zion is changing Christian education today. The MZ Ways provide direction for the culture that is Mount Zion.


We have love for one another and our school

Our stewardship and learning are our responsibility

Our abilities grow with the depth of our effort and risk

We persevere with the support of God and those around us

Mount Zion Christian Schools are independent, inter-denominational evangelical Christian schools, committed to partnering with Christian parents who desire a Christ-centered education for their children. At Mount Zion, children experience an academic environment of loving accountability, where knowledge, joy, and love of the Lord is modeled daily by teachers, staff, and other students.